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“From Texas And Beyond” 2018 Albums Of The Year

“From Texas And Beyond” 2018 Albums Of The Year

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Winter 2018 MiniSeries

Natalie Howard – Under (Love’s) Umbrella

Nice Horse – There Goes The Neighbourhood

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon

Nowhere Else Records – Nowhere Else Records Singles Compilation

Omar Cuellar – Live At The Glasbox

Richard Lynch – Mending Fences

Robert Ray – Run Away With You

Roddy Woomble – The Deluder

Roxanne de Bastion – Heirlooms & Hearsay

Rugged Grace – Outliers

Runaway Angel – Zero

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Spring 2018 MiniSeries

Sarah Burton – Make Your Own Bed

Stephanie Urbina Jones – Shaman Heart (The Bittersweet Beautiful Ride)

Steve Griggs Band – Fort Worth To Bakersfield

Summer Dean – Unladylike

Summer Franklin – Firefly

Sweet Tea Trio – Sweet Tea Trio

Szlachetka – Heart Of My Hometown

Tasji Bachman – Forever In A Second

Taylor Alexander – Real Good At Saying Goodbye

Terry Penney – Once Upon A Blue Moon

Texas Crossing – It’s All Over

The Black Feathers – Soaked To The Bone

The East Pointers – What We Leave Behind

The Genders – Mourning Heartbeats

The Gunboat Diplomats – Manifest Destiny

The High Kings – Decade (Best Of The High Kings)

The Hunts – Darlin’ Oh Darlin’

The Oh Hellos – Notos

The Oh Hellos – Eurus

The Seer – Messages From The Black Lab

The Sullivans – Magnetic Gun

The Tiptons – The Tiptons

Tiffany Carlen – It’s A Girl Thing

Twin Flames – Signal Fire

Wild Earth – Holy Fools

Wildwood Jack – Liberty Ship

Will Stewart – County Seat

Worry Dolls – Go Get Gone

Young Oceans – Suddenly

Yvonne Lyon – Metanoia

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