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April 2018 “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

  • The Oh Hellos - Notos
  • The Oh Hellos - Eurus
  • Messages From The Black Lab
  • The Sullivans - Magnetic Gun
  • The Tiptons - The Tiptons
  • Tiffany Carlen - It's A Girl Thing
  • Twin Flames - Signal Fire
  • Wild Earth - Holy Fools
  • Wildwood Jack - Liberty Ship
  • Love Me When You're Lonely
  • My America
  • Bella
  • If You Called
  • Will Stewart - County Seat
  • Worry Dolls - Go Get Gone
  • Young Oceans - Suddenly
  • Yvonne Lyon - Metanoia

Spring 2018 MiniSeries of “From Texas And Beyond”

Coming up this month on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

(Tuesday April 17th) (Rebroadcasted Tuesday May 1st)
Episode #248:
The Cedar Sisters, The Fretless, The Kate Hasting Band, The Mudslingers, The O’s, The Oh Hellos, The Ole Fashion, The Other Half, The Papa Joe Show, The Princes Of Serendip, The Railsplitters, The Resonant Rogues, The Royalty, The Secret Garden Collective (feat. Jhenni), The Seer, The Skylarks, and The Sullivans

Featuring songs from The Oh Hellos‘ new double EP “Notos/Eurus”, The Seer‘s new album “Messages From The Black Lab”, and The Sullivans‘ new album “Magnetic Gun”.

The Oh Hellos - Notos  The Oh Hellos - Eurus  The Seer - Messages From The Black Lab  The Sullivans - Magnetic Gun

(Thursday April 19th) (Rebroadcasted Thursday May 3rd)
Episode #249:
The Stereo Division, The Stray Birds, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, The Tillers, The Tiptons, The Trackmarks, The Turns, The Underground Divas, The Warhorses, The Young Folk, Theresa Yow, Tianna Woods, Tiffany Carlen, Tiffany Christopher, Timmy Abell, TJ Broscoff, TJ Nelson, and Tommy Solo

Featuring songs from The Tiptons‘ new self-titled album “The Tiptons” and Tiffany Carlen‘s new album “It’s A Girl Thing”.

The Tiptons - The Tiptons  Tiffany Carlen - It's A Girl Thing

(Tuesday April 24th) (Rebroadcasted Tuesday May 8th)
Episode #250:
TrailerBand, Travis, Trost House, Trout Steak Revival, Tumbling Bones, Twin Flames, Twisted Hams, Tyler Rogers Band, Unspoken Tradition, Valerie Ponzio, Van Morrison, Vince Youngs, Vivian Leva, West Ember, Wild Earth, and Wildwood Jack

Featuring songs from Twin Flames‘ new album “Signal Fire”, Wild Earth‘s new album “Holy Fools”, Wildwood Jack‘s new album “Liberty Ship”, along with new singles by Valerie Ponzio and West Ember.

Twin Flames - Signal Fire  Wild Earth - Holy Fools  Wildwood Jack - Liberty Ship

Valerie Ponzio - Love Me When You're Lonely  Valerie Ponzio - My America  West Ember - Bella  West Ember - If You Called

(Thursday April 26th) (Rebroadcasted Thursday May 10th)
Episode #251:
Voice Of The Sea, Wayland Hicks, Waylyn James, Western Centuries, Whistler Creek, Will Stewart, Willy Busy Lad, Wink Burcham, Winters End, Wood & Wire, Worry Dolls, Young And Rusty, Young Oceans, Youngsville, Yvonne Lyon, Zetor In The Kailyard, and Zoee

Featuring songs from Will Stewart‘s new album “County Seat”, Worry Dolls‘ new album “Go Get Gone”, Young Oceans‘ new album “Suddenly”, and Yvonne Lyon‘s new album “Metanoia”.

Will Stewart - County Seat  Worry Dolls - Go Get Gone  Young Oceans - Suddenly  Yvonne Lyon - Metanoia

Some of the music featured in this month’s shows are provided to “From Texas And Beyond” by…

Angela Backstrom Promotions

ARC Music

Blue River Promotions

Bread And Butter Music

Caroline International

Daly Communications

Debbie Green Promotions

Deborah Wood Publicity

Free Dirt Records

Hearth Music

Horton Records

Indie Assist

Mountain Home Music Company

Rush Release Promotions

So Much Moore Media

SpinDrift Media & Entertainment

Steen Promotions

Street Talk Media

Wooden Ship Productions

Yep Roc Records

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