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Celtic Fusion Illusion

Celtic Fusion Illusion Photo

Celtic Fusion Illusion

There are no illusions about the commanding stage presence of Celtic Fusion Illusion. A contemporary CELTIC ROCK band with nine members, their rock-solid rhythm section powers the groove for bagpipes together with electric guitars, keyboards, and powerful vocals providing energetic and lively music.

The band is based in Edmonton, and past venues speak to the wide appeal of their sound. Celtic Fusion Illusion has played at Festivals, in theatres such as the Winspear Centre, Festival Place, the amphitheatre at William Hawrelak Park and many other venues. The band has recently released their first studio recorded album “Walk the Tweed” and they are working on new material for their next album.

Band Members include: Alan McGee (keyboards/backup vocals), Cam Prowse (bagpipes), Cody Forsberg (drums), Dave Trew (bagpipes), Mark Lepine (vocals), Percy Marshall (guitar), Randy Forsberg (bass guitar), Rocco Macri (guitar) and Sarah Knutsen (vocals)

They are often accompanied by Edmonton’s Celtic Ceilidh Dancers who bring exciting traditional Irish and Scottish dances to their show. Check them out below and catch them at a venue near you soon.

The Deep video:

Some of their other videos

Festival Place St. Paddy’s Day March 17, 2014:

Edmonton various festivals – 2009:

Cirque du Soleil performing at an Edmonton Oilers Home Opener – Oct 3, 2009:

Complete CFI Album “Walk The Tweed” link:

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