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November 2017 Lineups of “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

  • Steel
  • Diamond In The Rough
  • Do It
  • Home
  • You See This River
  • Call Of The Road
  • (From Texas And Beyond with Lochlann Green) Banner
  • The Absolute Johnny Bush
  • Mountain Rain
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Alterum
  • Like A Tumbleweed
  • Kensie Coppin

Coming up this month on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green!!

(Tuesday November 14th)
Episode #230:
Haley Heynderickx, Hantiks, Hayley McDaniel, Hayley Thompson-King, Henderson & Hemmerling, Hidden Cabins, Hitchville, Holly Tucker, Howlin’ Waters, Howzat, Humbird, Ilene Springer, Innersha, Insectways, Irene Kelley, Isaac Jacob Band, Jackie Darlene, Jade Marie Patek, Jadea Kelly, and Jaime Wyatt

Featuring songs from Holly Tucker‘s latest album “Steel” along with songs from Jackie Darlene‘s latest EP “Diamond In The Rough”.

Holly Tucker - Steel  Jackie Darlene - Diamond In The Rough

(Thursday November 16th)
Episode #231:
Jaimielynn Amato, Jake Bush, James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band, James Mikulenka, Jamie O’Hara, Jamie Talbert & The Band Of Demons, Janet Dowd, Janie Barnett & Blue Room, Jason Cassidy, Jason Evans, Jeanes, Jeff Smithart, Jeffrey Martin, Jenni Dale Lord Band, Jenny Don’t And The Spurs, Jep And Dep, Jerry Skinner, and Jessica Rhaye

Featuring songs from Jamie Talbert & The Band Of Demons‘ new album “Do It”, Janet Dowd‘s new album “Home”, Janie Barnett & Blue Room‘s new album “You See This River”, and Jenny Don’t And The Spurs‘ new album “Call Of The Road”.

Jamie Talbert & The Band Of Demons - Do It  Janet Dowd - Home  Janie Barnett & Blue Room - You See This River  Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Call Of The Road

(Tuesday November 28th)
Episode #232:
Jerrett Zoch And The OSR Band, Jessie Mapes, Jessie T, Jim Byrnes, Jim Keaveny, Joe Barron, Joe Borowsky, Joe Nichols, John Calvin Abney, John Craigie, John Denver, John Hord, John Morrison (ft. Heather Phillips), John Reischman And The Jaybirds, John Staples, Johnny Bush, Jordyn Pepper, and Julia Hatfield

Featuring songs from Johnny Bush‘s new album “The Absolute Johnny Bush”, Jordyn Pepper‘s new album “Mountain Rain”, and Julia Hatfield‘s new album “Hopeless Romantic”.

Johnny Bush - The Absolute Johnny Bush  Jordyn Pepper - Mountain Rain  Julia Hatfield - Hopeless Romantic

(Thursday November 30th)
Episode #233:
Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton, Jonathan Mark Hayden, Joseph Bridge, Joseph Huber, Joshua James, JT Wheeler, Juanita Stein, Julie Fowlis, Justin Hogg, Justin Mason, Justine Blanchet, Kaitlyn Alyse, Kalyn Fay, Kenna Danielle, and Kensie Coppin

Featuring songs from Julie Fowlis‘ new album “Alterum”, Kenna Danielle‘s new EP “Like A Tumbleweed”, and Kensie Coppin‘s self-titled EP “Kensie Coppin”.

Julie Fowlis - Alterum  Kenna Danielle - Like A Tumbleweed  Kensie Coppin - Kensie Coppin

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Whiskeytown, by Erin Enderlin

Erin Enderlin


Erin Enderlin talks about her New Album, Whiskeytown Crier which was released on September 1st 2017

The new release of Erin’s new album Whiskeytown Crier was announced in MusicRow right along side Brandy Clark’s new album!

“I love story songs,” Enderlin says from her home in Nashville. “It’s amazing to me how in just three minutes, you can create a whole character who wasn’t there before that you can really see and even understand.”

Enderlin has taken that love of story songs and upped the ante: her new album Whiskeytown Crier puts all the sad souls she’s grown so fond of singing and writing about in the same small, fictional city––Whiskeytown. She explains that the second half of the title is a nod to “a newspaper and the old town criers that used to deliver the news.” Over forlorn steel and haunting fiddle, the town’s secrets are exposed, sometimes with a sense of foreboding that nods to the Louvin Brothers, other times with an empathetic sadness that recalls Reba singing “Fancy.” Check it out now!

Erin Enderlin
Erin Enderlin
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