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Fall Music Saturdays 2018 Fall Rotations

Fall Music Saturdays 2018 Fall Rotations

Here are the artists in rotation for the 2018 Fall Music Saturdays MegaSeries which will be aired every Saturday this Fall starting November 3rd; aimed to fill your day and night with continuous music for your party, at the office, in the car, for at home relaxation, or late-night listening.

There are three sets…Country, Celtic, and Indie, including associated sub-genres.

Artists in rotation are listed in alphabetical order and by genre.

Country (Country-Pop/Rock, Red-Dirt, Country-Christian, Americana, Folk, Texas-Country, Irish-Country, Canadian-Country)

Jesse Stratton Band, Jessie T, Joe Barron, John Hord, Johnny Bush, Jonathan Mark Hayden, Jordan Robert Kirk, Jordyn Pepper, Josh Fuller, Josh Vincent, JR Herrera Band, JT Wheeler, Julia Hatfield, Justin Hogg, Justin Mason, Justine Blanchet, JW Lane & County Road X

Kaitlyn Alyse, Kaitlyn Baker, Kaitlyn Jackson, Kamber Cain, Kathy Crinion, Katie Armiger, Kaylee Rutland, Kelsie May, Kenna Danielle, Kensie Coppin, Kent Maxson, Kerry Fearon, Kim Beggs, KK Bodiford, Krissy Feniak

Larissa Tormey, Larry Scroggs Band, Laurie MacAllister, Leah Register, Lisa Richard, Lorin Walker Madsen

Macy Martin, Maddison Livingston, Madeline Sanderson, Madi Dean, Maggie Baugh, Mandy Mae Hallman, Mary Battiata & Little Pink, Mary Kathleen Burke, Mary Sarah, Matt & The Herdsmen, McKenna Faith, Megan Fowler, Meghan Woods, Melissa Hunt, Merritt Whitley, Midland, Mike Duenkel, Moonlight Social, Morgan Ashley, Morgan Clark

Natalie Howard, Natalie Rose, Nice Horse, Nick Sterling, Nina Ricci, Norm Brunet

Olivia Rose, One More Girl

Paige Williams, Phineus Reb, Presley & Taylor, Paul Lagendyk

Randy Moore, Red Molly, Reed Barton, Richard Lynch, RJ Chesney, Robert Ray, Rugged Grace, Rumor Town, Runaway Angel, Russell Boyd

Saints Eleven, SAMI, Sara Jane, Sara Spicer, SaraBeth, Sawdust Road, Scott Coner, Scott Douglas, Shaniah Paige, Shaun Michael, Sheridan Gates, Sienna Morgan, Sierra Bernal, Simon Peters, Southern Halo, Steel Blossoms, Steel Ivory, Stephanie Grace, Stephanie Rose, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Steve Griggs Band, Summer Dean, Summer Franklin, Sunny Sweeney, Sweet Tea Trio

Tasji Bachman, Taylor Alexander, Taylor Marie Wagner, Teagan Littlechief, Texas Crossing, The Abe Mac Band, The Black Feathers, The Hobbs Sisters, The Kate Hasting Band, The Lovers, The Mudslingers, The Ole Fashion, The Orchard, The Skylarks, The Tiptons, Tianna Woods, Tiffany Carlen, Tim Johnson, TJ Broscoff, Tom Foster Morris, Tommy Brandt, Tommy Brandt II, TrailerBand

Valerie Ponzio, Vince Youngs

Whistler Creek, William Clark Green

Zoë Carter

Celtic (Celtic, Celtic-Rock. Folk, Roots, Trad, World)

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke, John Montgomery, John Morris, John Morrison, Jon Budworth, Julie Fowlis

KARA, Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy, Kate Rusby, Kathleen Boyle, Kinnaber Junction, Koum Tara, Kris Drever, Kyle Carey

La Famille Leger, Larry Kirwan & Co., Lau, Laura Cortese, Le Vent Du Nord, Leanne Dixon, Les Poules à Colin, Loris MacDonald And Daniel Quayle, Los Ruphay, Louise Bichan, Louise Latham, Ludwig O’Neill, Lumiere, Lunasa

Mad Haggis, Máiréad Nesbitt, Manran, MANdolinMAN, Mara Levine, Marina Florance, Martin Furey, Mary Ann Kennedy, Mary Kathleen Burke, Matthew Byrne, Mehdi Rostami & Adib Rostami, Mei Han & Red Chamber, Michalis Terzis & Vasilis Skoulas, Michelle Dowd, Minnie Birch, Mirka

Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell, Norrie Tago MacIver

Oban Gaelic Choir, Ojibway People, Olaf Sickmann, Orla Fallon

Pauline Alexander, Pauline Vallance, Pete Guy, Pete’s Posse, Peter Nardini, PowerPipes

Rachel M., Redwood Mountain, Red Velvet, Reely Jiggered, Rhona MacLeod, Rod Jones, Roddy Woomble, Runa, Runrig

Salt House, Saoirse, Saor Patrol, Sarah McQuaid, Sarah-Jane Summers, Screaming Orphans, Sharon Shannon, Shelagh McKay Jones, Simon Atkinson, Siobhan Miller, Skerryvore, Skinner & T’witch, Skipinnish, Smiling Jack Smith, Solas, Steafan & Saskia, Steel City Rovers, Steven G Leonard, Stramash, Susanna Wolfe Band, Sver

The Big Shoogle, The Black Feathers, The BluesBones, The Burns Sisters, The East Pointers, The Fretless, The Go Set, The High Kings, The Indulgers, The Jeremiahs, The Led Farmers, The Little Unsaid, The McNeill Sisters, The Nesbitt Family, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, The Princes Of Serendip, The Seer, The Young Folk, Trail West, Twin Flames


Wendy Weatherby, Wildwood Jack, Willy Busy Lad, Worry Dolls

Yves Lambert Trio, Yvonne Lyon

Zetor In The Kailyard

Indie (Indie-Pop/Rock/Folk/Country and associated sub-genres)

Jenn Grant, Jep And Dep, Jeremy Squires, Jerry Skinner, Jesse Phate, Joe Borowsky, Joseph Bridge, Joshua James

Katey Morley, Keith & Co., Kelly Vaughn, KellyMarie, Kira Longeuay, Kleopatra, Krissy Feniak, Kristen Parisi, Kuinka

La Sera, Language Arts, Laura Gagnon, Le Voyage, Les Hay Babies, Liam Gallagher, LIFE, Lisa Kowalski, Liz Tina, Long Day Living, L’Orezza, Love & The Outcome, L’Rock

Manifique, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Mark Cashin, Marko Polo, Martin Dwayne Page, Mason Ashley, Matt U Johnson & Jay Maneira, Mélanie Brulée, Memoria, Mikalyn Hay, Moon Maan, Morgan Wilson, Morosity, Mosaic Mountains

Nel, Nerea Bassart, Never Too Late, Nimway, Nina Ricci, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Nostalgic Brightlights, Nowhere Else Records (Alex Garcia, Mark Fowler, Rosie Varela, Sara Rebecca, The LadyBug Revival)

Old Hours, Omar Cuellar, Our Friend The Mountain, Owen Paul

Pagentri, Parrish, Paul Rivers Band, PC Green, Pet People

Rachelle Rhienne, Rebeccah Miller, Red Hearted Vibrations, Remarkable Nothings, Revelation Rising, Robyn Cage, Roddy Woomble, Roger!, Roland Kemokai, Rose Cousins, Ross Fleming, Roxanne de Bastion, Running Red Lights

Sage Gentle-Wing, Samantha LaPorta, Sarah Burton, Sea Stars, Second Interval, Secret Circus, Sherita Perez, Shiny Toy Guns, Sleepspent, Sorrytown, Soul Parade, Southern Approach, Stables, Sue Leonard, Sugar & Tiger, Susanna Wolfe Band

Tame Impala, Taylor Angus, Temples, The 413 Effect, The BluePoetSouls, The Cedar Sisters, The Chakras, The Defectonauts, The Genders, The Gunboat Diplomats, The March Divide, The Marrieds, The Papa Joe Show, The Sullivans, The Trackmarks, The Turns, The Underground Divas, Tiffany Christopher, Tommy Solo, Tribes, Trost House

Voice Of The Sea

Wayne Gathright, West Ember, Willy Busy Lad, Winters End

Xtro & Mikalyn Hay


Zoee, Zyme One

*Any newly submitted music will be considered for inclusion in the Spring 2019 MegaSeries of “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green.*

Be sure to also check out 2018 Albums Of The Year, Singles Of The Year, Honorable Mentions, and Music Industry Honorable Mentions.

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Lochlann Green
Lochlann Green Administrator


  • Corey Howard 29th October 2018 // 2:50 pm

    Hello I am contacting you to thank you for this opportunity for our music to heard on your show. Thank you for adding us to your indie lineup and it is an honour. Thank you again from myself and the rest of the guys in the band.

    Corey Howard, Bassist of The Trackmarks.

    • Lochlann Green 29th October 2018 // 8:03 pm

      You’re very welcome!! It’ll be on every Saturday from November 3rd till about December 22nd. I hope you enjoy the music!!


  • Ludwig O'Neill 30th October 2018 // 4:16 pm


    • Lochlann Green 31st October 2018 // 8:13 pm

      Thanks Ludwig!!


  • Missy Brown 2nd November 2018 // 3:18 am

    What amazing lineup of artists. I have done several shows with Mar Sarah. I would love to be included in your lineup. I have my debut Texas Country music cd on ITunes, Amazon and cdbaby. My Facebook page is Missy Brown music.

    Check it out and thanks for supporting Texas Country music
    Missy Brown

    • Lochlann Green 4th November 2018 // 10:35 am

      Thanks very much Missy!! In the next few weeks I’ll be starting to process submissions for the Spring 2019 series. I’ll be sure to get back to you via facebook soon. Thanks for checking out the page and for tuning in if you did. Talk to you soon!!


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