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February 2018 “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

  • Natalie Howard - Under (Love's) Umbrella
  • Nice Horse - There Goes The Neighbourhood
  • Nowhere Else Records - Nowhere Else Records Singles Compilation
  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon
  • Omar Cuellar - Live At The Glasbox
  • Richard Lynch - Mending Fences
  • Roddy Woomble - The Deluder
  • Roxanne de Bastion - Heirlooms & Hearsay
  • Robert Ray - Run Away With You
  • Rugged Grace – Outliers
  • Runaway Angel - Zero

Winter 2018 MiniSeries of “From Texas And Beyond”

Coming up this month on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

(Tuesday February 20th) (Rebroadcasted Tuesday March 6th)
Episode #240:
Mouths Of Babes, Mr. Lif & Brass Menazeri, Natalie Howard, Never Too Late, Nice Horse, Nicole Rayy, Nina Gordon, Norm Brunet, Norman & Nancy Blake, Norman Blake, Nostalgic Brightlights, and Nowhere Else Records

Featuring songs from Natalie Howard‘s album “Under (Love’s) Umbrella”, Nice Horse‘s new EP “There Goes The Neighbourhood”, and Nowhere Else Records‘ new EP “Nowhere Else Records Singles Compilation”.

Natalie Howard - Under (Love's) Umbrella  Nice Horse - There Goes The Neighbourhood  Various Artists - Nowhere Else Records Singles Compilation

(Thursday February 22nd) (Rebroadcasted Thursday March 8th)
Episode #241:
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Oban Gaelic Choir, Olivia Lane, Olivia Rose, Omar Cuellar, One More Girl, Orla Fallon, Owen Paul, Pagentri, Paige Williams, Parrish, Paul Benjaman Band, Paul Lagendyk, Paul Nipper, Pete’s Posse, Peter Nardini, and Phineus Reb

Featuring songs from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds‘ new album “Who Built The Moon” and Omar Cuellar‘s new album “Live At The Glasbox”.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon  Omar Cuellar - Live At The Glasbox

(Tuesday February 27th) (Rebroadcasted Tuesday March 13th)
Episode #242:
Pilgrim, Presley & Taylor, R.A. Lautenschlager, Rachelle Rhienne, Randy Moore, Rebeccah Miller, Red Steagall And The Boys In The Bunkhouse, Redwood Mountain, Reed Barton, Revelation Rising, Richard Lynch, Richard Lynch & Ronnie McDowell, Robyn Cage, Roddy Woomble, and Roxanne de Bastion

Featuring songs from Richard Lynch‘s album “Mending Fences”, Roddy Woomble‘s new album “The Deluder”, and Roxanne de Bastion‘s album “Heirlooms & Hearsay”.

Richard Lynch - Mending Fences  Roddy Woomble - The Deluder  Roxanne de Bastion - Heirlooms & Hearsay

(Thursday March 1st) (Rebroadcasted Thursday March 15th)
Episode #243:
Robert Ray, Roger!, Roland Kemokai, Ronan Furlong, Rugged Grace, Rumor Town, Runaway Angel, Salt House, Samantha LaPorta, SAMI, Sara Spicer, Saskia Griffiths-Moore, Scott Coner, Scott Douglas, and Screaming Orphans

Featuring songs from Robert Ray‘s new album “Run Away With You”, Rugged Grace‘s new album “Outliers”, and Runaway Angel‘s new EP “Zero”.

Robert Ray - Run Away With You  Rugged Grace - Outliers  Runaway Angel - Zero

Some of the music featured in this month’s shows are provided to “From Texas And Beyond” by…

Angela Backstrom Promotions

Daly Communications

Debbie Green Promotions

Deborah Wood Publicity

Hearth Music

Horton Records

Indie Assist

Nowhere Else Records

Radioactive Promotions

Rush Release Promotions

Samittar Management & Promotions

Scary Biscuits Promotions

Steen Promotions

Western Jubilee Recording Company

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Lochlann Green
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