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“From Texas And Beyond” 2017 Albums Of The Year

“From Texas And Beyond” 2017 Albums Of The Year

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Spring/Summer 2017 MegaSeries

Breann Young – Highs And Lows

Coast – Windmills In The Sky

Emily Davis – The Worst Kind Of Curse

Isaac Jacob Band – The Dream

Jackie Darlene – Diamond In The Rough

Jaime Wyatt – Felony Blues

Jenn Grant – Paradise

Joe Borowsky – Theories

John Calvin Abney – Far Cries And Close Calls

John Hord – The Home You Made For Me

JR Herrera – Roadway Lines

Kenna Danielle – Good Reputation

Kensie Coppin – Kensie Coppin

KLEO – Krystalline

Krissy Feniak – Krissy Feniak

Louise Bichan – Out Of My Own Light

Madeline Sanderson – Nashville Dreaming

Maggie Baugh – Catch Me

Mark W. Georgsson – Faces And Places

Mason Ashley – Into The Song

Meghan Woods – Twenty Seventeen

Midland – Midland

Morgan Ashley – Morgan Ashley

Morgan Clark – Morgan Clark

One More Girl – Astronaut (Unreleased EP)

Parrish – Parrish

Rachel Laven – Love & Luccheses

Rebeccah Miller – You Make Me Well

Rose Cousins – Natural Conclusion

Runaway Angel – No End In Sight

Sarah Burton – Make Your Own Bed

Sarah Jane Scouten – When The Bloom Falls From The Rose

Secret Circus – The Beginning Is Near

Southern Halo – Southern Halo

Stéphanie Lapointe – Les Amours Parallèles

Sunny Sweeney – Trophy

Sylvia Bullett – Flying Machine

Temples – Volcano

The Marrieds – Fire In The Flame

The Nesbitt Family – Devil’s Bit Sessions

William Clark Green – Ringling Road

Zoë Carter – Zoë Carter

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Fall 2017 MiniSeries

Aaron Watson – Vaquero

Acid Pie – Watergun

Amy Taylor – Amy Taylor

Bailey James – Where It All Begins

Bannon Hancock – United States Of Texas

Barbara Lynn Doran – Reveal

Belles & Whistles – Look Up

Beth Bombara – Map & No Direction

Brent Mason – High Water Mark

Brian Christopher And The Wild Oats – Ride With Me

Bryan Adam Joyner – Just Me

Bryan Adam Joyner – Living My Songs

Bryce Hitchcock – I Wonder

Caroline Savoie – Caroline Savoie

Casey Daniels Band – Bible On The Dash

Charm Of Finches – Staring At The Starry Ceiling

Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

David Lee – Wichita Kid

David Lee – Bringin’ Hippie Back

EmiSunshine – Ragged Dreams

Hannah Aldridge – Gold Rush

Holly Tucker – Steel

Jackie Darlene – Diamond In The Rough

Jamie Talbert And The Band Of Demons – Do It

Janet Dowd – Home

Janie Barnett & Blue Room – You See This River

Jenny Don’t And The Spurs – Call Of The Road

Johnny Bush – The Absolute Johnny Bush

Jordyn Pepper – Mountain Rain

Julia Hatfield – Hopeless Romantic

Julie Fowlis – Alterum

Karen & The Sorrows – The Narrow Place

The Kate Hasting Band – Can’t Get Enough

Kenna Danielle – Like A Tumbleweed

Kensie Coppin – Kensie Coppin

Kira Longeuay – I Wanna Be A Rockstar

Leah Register – Life Love God

Leanne Dixon – Brand New Day

Liam Gallagher – As You Were

Lisa Kowalski – Free Spirits

Midland – On The Rocks

Mikalyn Hay – 12:15

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Fourth Annual Family Christmas 2017 MiniSeries

Brandon Bailey Johnson – The Holiday Sessions Vol. 1

Brandon Bailey Johnson – The Holiday Sessions Vol. 2

Kate Rusby – Angels & Men

Ladies In Waiting – Jingle Ma Belle

Rebeccah Miller – Restore

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