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“From Texas And Beyond” 2017 Lights Of The World

“From Texas And Beyond” 2017 Lights Of The World

For every successful person, there are the ones behind them, with them, around them.

These are the ones who get us up in the morning and remember some of the things we have to do and the places we have to be on time. These are the ones we come home with at night after a long gig. These are the ones who fix our meals on those busy days when we need that extra boost of help. These are the ones who go to our shows and cheer us on after every song. These are the ones who make the calls for us, answer some of our emails, book our shows, send our music out to places it needs to be sent. These are the ones who will always be with us through our highs and our lows of our careers.

These are the parents, momagers, dadagers, spouses, family, friends, managers, supporters, the lights in our lives.

In this world, there is a lot of good, but there is also a lot of darkness. Some of us lose our way and get lost in this darkness, but these people are the lights, the beacons of hope that are always there waiting for us to find our way back.

Without you, the world would be a darker place. With you, our world is a bright one and our futures are brighter.

This is a dedication to all the Lights Of The World.

Alisha Hamilton (EmiSunshine), Bettie Webber, Nancy Johnson, Terrence Johnson (Brandon Bailey Johnson), Brenda Boyd Kennedy (Bap Kennedy), Carmen Castro (Elliot Schneider), Celso Gutierrez, Monica Rocha Gutierrez (Catarina), Charlene Crites (Chelsea Crites), Charlie Mapes (Jessie Mapes), Cheryl Ball Lawrenson (Brea Lawrenson), Cheryl Scott (KA Radio), Chrissy Bernal (Sierra Bernal), Colin Bilby (Beltur), Danny Crain, Tonya Crain (Ciera MacKenzie), Dave Weston (Casey Weston), David Cooke, Janelle Cooke, Mitchel Cooke, Alec Macalpine (SAMI), David Grey Ellis (Hannah Ellis), David Pryor, Deb Longeuay (Kira Longeuay), Debbie Treneer, Doug Brown (Jessie T), Debra Demmitt Pepper (Jordyn Pepper), Eileen Konieczny Trahan (Alyssa Trahan), Elizabeth Collinsworth (The BluePoetSouls), Elsie Houston (Steve Griggs Band), Eric Bachman (Tasji Bachman), Erica Woods (Meghan Woods), Fred Anderson (Grant Maloy Smith and Kaitlyn Baker), Ginny Foley (Randy Moore), Grant Collinsworth, Howard Dee Crean (Jordan Mogey and Kathy Crinion), Jean Carroll Finley (Victoria Leigh), Jo Windred (Charm Of Finches), Johnny Tucker (Holly Tucker), Joyce Cain (Kamber Cain), Kari Brandy (Carmen Brandy), Kevin Koehler (Bailey James), Kevin Sanderson (Madeline Sanderson), Kimberly Albro (Celtica Pipes Rock!), Kyle Furlong, Natalie Jayne Brown, Valerie Robinson (Chris Strei), Lauree Martin (Macy Martin), Libbee Maxson (The Kate Hasting Band), Lindsay Fellows (Chloe Caroline), Lori Moore Morris (Southern Halo), Lorraine Howard (Natalie Howard), Lynn Gauthier (Celtae Lynne), Lynne MacDougall (Rachelle Rhienne), Maria Uag (FrenZi), Marie Wheeler (JT Wheeler), Marion McNeill (Reely Jiggered), Mary Patricia Taylor (Merritt Whitley), Melissa Wilson (Morgan Wilson), Mike Minjarez (Valerie Ponzio), Nadine Feniak (Krissy Feniak), Nickolas Heynderickx (Haley Heynderickx), Norma K. Shaw Dean (Madi Dean), Owen McElwee (Azure Halo), Pansy Brunson, Paula Joy Wilde (Annemarie Picerno), Peter Falkner (Carla Williams), Rachael Griffin (Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys), Ralph Cisneros Jr. (Somewhere In Between), Rebecca Kowalski (Lisa Kowalski), Regina Danchak Kasowski (Kenna Danielle), Robyn L. Hirvela (Abbey Rowe), Rodrigue Savoie (Caroline Savoie), Rosalyn Mary Barclay, Rose Morales McNally (Annemarie Picerno), Roy May (Kelsie May), Shana Spaulding (Grace Spaulding), Shelley Smithart (Jeff Smithart), Sherry Naquin Little (COLE), Star Hobdy (The 413 Effect), Susan Scott Watts (Delaney Ann), Terri Jackson (Kaitlyn Jackson), Terry LaPorta (Samantha LaPorta), The Hemala Family, The Ramirez Family, Thomas Zoe, Tina Capparelli (Natalie Rose), Todd Gross (Mary Sarah), Willy BusyLad (Carmen Castro), Yvette Robison-Garcia (McKenna Faith)

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