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The best streaming radio station in Scotland

James Gillan

KA Radio Scotland main logo

The new website is taking shape and with the new graphics and colour scheme we think it looks quite funky. Many other new things to be added, and the live streamer is now functioning again. This now has the option of a large full screen version or the smaller embeded version, these can be opened on various pages.

I hope you like the new look, give us your thoughts by posting your comments and taking part in the design, by letting us know if there’s any features you would like to see.

James Gillan (DJ, Presenter and web developer), KA-Radio.

KA Radio Scotland main logo
KA Radio Scotland main logo


Jamie Gillan Administrator

I'm a professional photographer & videographer who likes to design and develop websites. I'm also a DJ who enjoy's controversial subject matter, along with great music of course!

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