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Jamie Gillan

  • THE LONE GUNMAN SHOW – Bunfight at Flat Earth Coral!

    A discussion on Flat Earth topics, Aliens and other interesting stuff.

    Iain Tough v James Gillan – The Shoot Out begins New Year’s Eve, Sunday 31st at […]

  • The Lone Gunman – Indy Specials

    This Sunday at 5pm the first in a series of Indy Specials, with guests from across the political spectrum. Mind and tune in for this one, as Ian Tough introduces Jock Gibson, Pat […]

  • Celtic Fusion Illusion

    There are no illusions about the commanding stage presence of Celtic Fusion Illusion. A contemporary CELTIC ROCK band with nine members, their rock-solid rhythm section powers the groove […]

  • Annemarie Picerno

    Annemarie has performed in dinner theaters, bands in every genre of music. comedy shows, improv troupes, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and traveled professionally. She has also performed on […]

  • Looking For Artists Who Want To Be On The Show

    If you would like to get exposure in Central Scotland, and across the World via our web stream, please get in touch with us at for more […]

  • Beltur – Forthcoming EP. Short review by James Gillan

    This a storming new track from Glasgow’s very own BELTUR. It’s their first release in over a year, and is taken from their forthcoming EP launching on 10th […]

  • Featured Artist LOCHLANN GREEN

    Lochlann Green’s international radio show series “From Texas And Beyond” featuring more than 1,500 artists and over 1,950 albums in Americana, Bluegrass, Canadian, Celtic, […]

  • The KA-Radio Website is undergoing a makeover, so apologies for the unfinished look on some pages. Rather than leave it blank, we’ve decided to edit as we go! We’ve put this up to let you know you’ve come to the […]

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