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The Lone Gunman Show

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The Lone Gunman – Indy Specials

This Sunday at 5pm the first in a series of Indy Specials, with guests from across the political spectrum. Mind and tune in for this one, as Ian Tough introduces Jock Gibson, Pat Lee, John Mellon, Cheryl Scott and myself, James Gillan as we discuss some new ways forward from the status quo.

More episodes soon.


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The Lone Gunman Show

Jamie Gillan Administrator

I'm a professional photographer & videographer who likes to design and develop websites. I'm also a DJ who enjoy's controversial subject matter, along with great music of course!

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  • Vanda Kostka 30th December 2018 // 12:28 am

    Hi there I am hoping K.A radio can help me, I am looking for the lone gunman interview called dollys plight 35 I think I am the lady who was interviewed and first would like to thank you for the chance to air my story, also could you possibly point me in the direction of were I can listen to it as this interview changed my life and I am proud of your station for the opportunity x

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