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What’s New In 2018

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What’s New In 2018 on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

2Steel Girls – The Real Thing

3HatTrio – Lord Of The Desert

Abbey Rowe – Miss Wannabe

Abbie Gardner – Wishes On A Neon Sign

Adrian Johnston – It Takes Time

Adrian Johnston – Rather Have You

Adrian Johnston – Damn, I Want A Love Like That (feat. Jordon Isaac)

Adyn Townes – Sad Songs

Adyn Townes – I Believe

Adyn Townes – Paris Sky

Adyn Townes – Churchill

Afrika Mamas – Iphupho

Aidan O’Rourke – 365 (Vol 1)

Ajaye Jardine – Midnight & Bourbon

Alabama Deathwalk – Progressive Collapse

Alyssa Lynn – You Keep Me Wild

Alyssa Lynn – High Heels Or Camo

Alyssa Trahan – Push Play

Amanda Hagel – What Brand Of Country Are You

Andrea Nixon – Diary Of A Housewife

Andrew Frelick – Lost In The Right Direction

Anna & Elizabeth – The Invisible Comes To Us

Annemarie Picerno – Bonfire

Annemarie Picerno – Rain

Annemarie Picerno – Closer

Annie Lou – End Zone

Anthony Lanni – Excuses Don’t Fly

Anthony Lanni – Yell

Anthony Lanni – Together We Tried

Anton Glackin – Don’t Rock Where The Alligator Roll

Ashley Condon – Can You Hear Me

Aubrie Lynn – Aubrie Lynn

Bailey James – Kiss Me Goodbye

Balsam Range – Mountain Overture

Bangers and Mash – Quicksand Café

Bao Jian, Hu Jianbing & Gao Hong – Chinese Buddhist Temple Music

Barleyjuice – Live Juice

Beach House – 7

Becky Warren – War Surplus (Deluxe Edition)

Belle Of The Fall – Rise Up

Beltur – Far Too Long

Ben Klick – That’s Who I Wanna Be

Ben Klick – Middle Of Nowhere

Ben Klick – Blind Side

Bill Carter – Bill Carter

Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints – Dream Man

Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints – Western Soul

Blake Jones & The Trike Shop – Make

Bob Muggeridge – Shady Grove

Bobby Sweet – All These Changes

Boubacar Traoré – Dounia Tabolo

Brad Good Band – Magic Woman

Brandon Bailey Johnson – Heaven

Brandon Jenkins – Tail Lights In A Boomtown

Brea Lawrenson – Lynchburg

Brea Lawrenson – Cry

Brea Lawrenson – Demons

Brenda Dirk – Shades On (Ray-Ban Remix)

Brendan Kelly – Just To Be Your Man

Brendan Kelly – Afraid Of The Day

Brendan Kelly – Let It Be

Brendan Kelly – Ramblin Man

Brendan Monaghan – I Look To You

Brittany Brodie – I Do

Broomsticks & Hammers – Mirror Box

Brother Roy – Last Man Standing

Bryan Adam Joyner – Ain’t No Pat Green

Bryce A Dicus And The Mercenaries – I Ain’t Slept Since Texas

Bryce Hitchcock – In The Movies

Bubba T – Texting Texas

Buck T. Edwards – Great American Novel

Buffalo Gospel – On The First Bell

Bumper Jacksons – White Horse

Caitlin Canty – Motel Bouquet

Caleb Caudle – Crushed Coins

Caleb Haynes – Caleb Haynes

Campbell & Green – On Being Human

Carla Williams – Bring Back My Goodbye

Carla Williams – Love To Gain

Catarina – A Christmas Playlist

Catarina – Lionheart

Catarina Dos Santos – Rádio Kriola (Reflections On Portuguese Identity)

Catherine MacLellan – If It’s Alright With You (The Songs Of Gene MacLellan)

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita – Soar

Celtic Woman – The Best Of Christmas

Celtic Woman – Homecoming (LIVE from Ireland)

Celtica Pipes Rock! – LIVE At Montelago

Charlotte Campbell – Endless Light

Chelsea Crites – Dear Santa

Chelsey June – Finding Me

Chloe Caroline – Gypsy Daughter

Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing – Ship Of Strife

Chris Ising – The Burn Don’t Burn No More

Chris Lee Becker – In and Around Bethlehem, USA

Christina Martin – Always Reminding

Christina Martin – Impossible To Hold

Christina Taylor – That Girl

Christina Taylor – American Dreamin’

Christy Hays – River Swimmer

Clay Parker and Jodi James – The Lonesomest Sound That Can Sound

Cody Kouba – Stages (Phineus Reb’s Awakening)

COLE – Delirious

COLE – Delirious / Do That

Combsy – Combsy

Connla – The Next Chapter

Cordova – Runaway Summer

Corner House – Corner House

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

Craig Gerdes – Smokin, Drinkin & Gamblin

Craig White – Just The Two Of Us

Craig White – Pen Pal Lovers

Craig White – Winners-Losers

Dallas Moore – Mr. Honky Tonk

Damian Wyldes – My Religion Is Love

Damian Wyldes – Disengage

Damon Curtis – Here’s To Goodbye

Damon Curtis – Changing Lanes

Danielle Marie – As Long As I’m Awake

David Lyon – The Hands That Learn To Give

Davy Lees – One Of Those Days

Dean Owens – Southern Wind

Deanna Wheeler – I Can Lie

Deanna Wheeler – Never Be The Same

Deben Bhattacharya – Waves Of Joy (Bauls From Bengal)

Dieselle May – Sweeter

Donice Morace – Donice Morace

Donice Morace – WD-40 And Duct Tape

Drew Moreland – Bench Seat Revival

Dream Aria – On The Other Side

Durham County Band – Back Roads

Dusty Marie – Hurricane

Dusty Rust – Stolen Horse

Eamon O’Leary – All Souls

Elizabeth Erin Kemler – The Weight Of Mortal Skin

Elliot Schneider – I Second That Amendment Blues

Elsa Vendella – M0re!

Elsa Vendella – Modern W!tch

Elsa Vendella – Robber

Eric Corne – Happy Songs For The Apocalypse

Erin O’Dowd – Old Town

Eve Williams – My War, Your Peace

Faren Rachels – Faren Rachels

Faustina Masigat – Faustina Masigat

Feather House – The Love We Leave Behind

Fer González – Mariachi (Mi Nombre Es Mexico)

Folk Soul Revival – Folk Soul Revival

Frank Ray – Different Kind Of Country

Gal Friday – Smoke And Mirrors

Gal Holiday – Lost & Found

Gary Stroutsos – Night Chants (Native American Flute)

Georgina Grimshaw – Cafe Corner

Giant Head Collective – Analog Man

Gila Monster – Up Go The Trolley Cars

Goodnight Moonshine – I’m The Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad

Grace Maher – Craving Your Sin

Grace Maher – This Could Be Heaven

Grace Morrison – I’m The Apple

Granger Smith – Happens Like That

Haley Heynderickx – I Need To Start A Garden

Hannah Kay – I’m Gonna (Darian’s Song)

Hannah Kay – Magnolia To Nashville

Hannah Read – Way Out I’ll Wander

Henderson & Hemmerling – At The End Of The Day (Remastered)

Henderson & Hemmerling – Easy Love (Remixed)

Highway Sisters – Papa

Honey County – Love Someone

Honey County – Los Angeles

Hot Club Sandwich – No Pressure

Howlin’ Waters – Beaumont Blues

Hurricane JeZ – Promised (feat. SAMI)

Iona Fyfe – Away From My Window

Isaac Jacob Band – The Price We Gotta Pay (feat. Mike Harmeier)

J.D. Wilkes – Fire Dream

Jaaji – Nunaga

Jackson Emmer – Jukebox

Jade Marie Patek – Dead Flowers

Jamie McLean Band – One And Only

Jamie Talbert & The Band Of Demons – Back In My Arms

Jamie Warren – Drink Along Song

Japhy’s Descent – Japhy’s Descent (7-inch Vinyl)

Jason Cassidy – Falling Too Fast (feat Heather Little)

Jenni Dale Lord Band – Already Gone (Featuring Joe Ely)

Jeremy Squires – Gift

Jesse Stratton Band – Traction

Jesse Stratton Band – Finally

Jesse Terry – Natural

Jessie Chris – In It For You

Joe Jencks – The Forgotten (Recovered Treasures From The Pen Of Si Kahn)

John O’Connor – Rare Songs

Johnny Bush – I Gotta Get Drunk (feat Dale Watson)

Jon Budworth – We All Share The Same Sky

Jonathan Mark Hayden – Desperate Heart

Jordan Robert Kirk – Pine Box

Joseph Bridge – Marvin’s Sanitarium

Josh Vincent – So Much Junk

Justin Hogg – Kiss You Instead

Justine Blanchet – Young Love

Kaitlyn Baker – Blackbird

Kamber Cain – Your Love Is Like A Sunday

Karen Jonas – Country Songs

Karen Jonas – Butter

Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy – A Pocket Of Wind Resistance

Kathy Crinion – I Still Love You

Keith & Co. – Mother Earth

Keith & Co. – My Best Friend

Keith & Co. – One Night Stand

KellyMarie – Tugawar

KellyMarie – Spotlight Tonight

Kelsie May – Love Is Where You Find It

Kenna Danielle – I-35 Reasons

Kent Maxson – The Minutes She Remembers

Kerry Fearon – Luxury Liner

Kerry Fearon – If The Devil Don’t Want Me

Kevin Galloway – The Change

Kim Beggs – Wanderer’s Paean

Kim Beggs – Said Little Sparrow

Kleopatra – Cameo

Kleopatra – Wasted On Youth

Koum Tara – Koum Tara

Krissy Feniak – Mess With Me

Kristen Parisi – Poppin’ Champagne

Kristen Parisi – Roses Stay Red

Kyle Carey – The Art Of Forgetting

Kyle Reid – Love And Trust (In The Age Of St. Sugar Britches)

Larissa Tormey – Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Larry Kirwan & Co. – Heroes/Belfast

Larry Scroggs Band – Between The Lines

Laurie MacAllister – The Lies The Poets Tell

Le Voyage – Here & Then

Les Poules à Colin – Morose

Levi Parham – It’s All Good

Lisa Richard – Uniforms

Liz Tina – Parasite

Lloyd Green and Jay Dee Maness – Journey To The Beginning (A Steel Guitar Tribute To The Byrds)

L’Orezza – Abrazame Muy Fuerte

L’Orezza – Libre

L’Orezza – No Me Importara Tu Olvido

L’Orezza – Nunca En La Vida

Los Ruphay – A Cry For Revolution

Love Canon – Cover Story

Lunasa – Cas

Macy Martin – Heart Sleeve Soul

Macy Martin – Take It Now

Manifique – Eager Eyes

Manifique – Hard To Breathe

Marie/Lepanto – Tenkiller

Marina Florance – Fly Beyond The Border

Mark Cashin – Where Are You Now

Marko Polo – Marko Polo

Martin Dwayne Page – Echo

Martin Furey – Howl

Mary Kathleen Burke – Sweet Is The Melody

Mary Kathleen Burke – I’ll Accept The Rose

Mary Kathleen Burke – Right Now

Mary Kathleen Burke – Pick Yourself Up

Mary Sarah – Just Go With It

Mason Ashley – You Should Know

Mason Ashley – Lie To Me

Matt & The Herdsmen – Hello Heartache

Matt Dorrien – In The Key Of Grey

Matt U Johnson – Hands Up (Remix) (feat. Mann)

Matt U Johnson & Treyy G – Get Up

Matt U Johnson & Jay Maneira – Want You

McKenna Faith – Whiskey Kisses

Megan Fowler – Tomorrow’s Just A Memory

Megan Fowler – Grandpa’s Knee

Mehdi Rostami & Adib Rostami – Melodic Circles (Urban Classical Music From Iran)

Mélanie Brulée – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ / Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher

Michalis Terzis & Vasilis Skoulas – A Tribute To Greece

Mike And The Moonpies – Steak Night At The Prairie Rose

Mike Duenkel – Hell And Back Again

Minnie Birch – John Barleycorn / Emeralds

Moonlight Social – Bad Side

Morgan Ashley – Karma

Morgan Ashley – Your Girl

Morosity – Low Tide

Motel Mirrors – In The Meantime

Natalie Rose – My South

Never Too Late – Life’s Story

Nick Sterling – Stand Your Ground

Nina Ricci – Designs On Me

Nina Ricci – Constant Sunshine

Norm Brunet – Pour Me Another One

Norm Brunet – Good Times And Tan Lines

Olaf Sickmann – Annie’s Waltz

Oliver The Crow – Oliver The Crow

Paige Williams – California Country

Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners – That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More)

Pet People – Being A Man / A Breeze To Guide You Forward

Pharis & Jason Romero – Sweet Old Religion

Presley & Taylor – Country Music

Rachel M. – A World Without Walls (feat. John Morrison)

Red Hearted Vibrations – Circles

Red Molly – One For All & All For One

Red Velvet – You Put A Spell On Me / El patron y el diablo

Remarkable Nothings – Remarkable Nothings

Rhyan Sinclair – Barnstormer

RJ Comer – One Last Kiss

Robert Ray – Two Steppin’ At A Time

Robyn Cage – Slow The Devil

Ross Cooper – I Rode The Wild Horses

Rumor Town – When The Smoke Clears

Russell Boyd – The End Of The World

Sage Gentle-Wing – Broken Dream

Sam Morrow – Concrete And Mud

Samantha LaPorta – Own The Night

Saor Patrol – Battle Of Kings

Sara Spicer – New Girl

SaraBeth – Something About It

Sarah McQuaid – If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Sawdust Road – Amazed

Sawdust Road – Pick You Up

Second Interval – Resonance

Shaun Michael – Country Boy

Shaun Michael – Me And The Dog

Sheridan Gates – Things I Swore I’d Never Do

Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys – Things Keep Lookin’ Up

Sideline – Front And Center

Sienna Morgan – What I Want

Sienna Morgan – Revenge

Simon Peters – Tomorrow

Skinner & T’witch – The Iron Fish Remembers

Skinner & T’witch – Too Many Feet

Sleepspent – It’s Better If You Don’t Speak Or Think

Sorrytown – Too

Soul Parade – Phantasm Romance

Southern Approach – Be Mine

Southern Halo – Just Like In The Movies

Sparrow Blue – Rabbit In The Moon

Spygenius – ‘Pacéphale

Stables – Reverie

Steel Ivory – Never Been Kissed

Susanna Wolfe Band – The Devil Inside

Taylor Angus – Sympathy For You

Taylor Angus – Darkness Never Stays

Teagan Littlechief – Words

The Black Feathers – The Ghosts Have Eaten Well

The Cedar Sisters – Fire You Burn

The Gunboat Diplomats – Original Sin

The Hobbs Sisters – If It Wasn’t Love

The Little Unsaid – Selected Works

The March Divide – Saturdays

The McNeill Sisters – Lost In Time

The Mulligan Brothers – Songs For The Living And Otherwise

The Slocan Ramblers – Queen City Jubilee

Tianna Woods – Bring Your Own Sunshine

Tianna Woods – My Eyes Are Up Here

Tim Johnson – You Me And The Sky

Tom McELvain – Redemption

Tribes – Night Future

Various Artists – Mexico (The Best Boleros From The Costa Chica)

Various Artists – Nashville Dreamin’ (Country Volume One)

Vigüela – A Tiempo Real (A New Take On Spanish Tradition)

Voice Of The Sea – The Lovers

Wayne Gathright – Little Miss Logical

Wayne Gathright – Sweet Melody

West Ember – All In My Head

Willy Busy Lad – Three Little Birds (Cover)

Xtro & Mikalyn Hay – Love Again

Yves Lambert Trio – Tentation

Zyme One – Memories Of Melancholy Cholas

More TBA Soon!!

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