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What’s New In 2018

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What’s New In 2018 on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

Abbie Gardner – Wishes On A Neon Sign

Adrian Johnston – It Takes Time

Adyn Townes – Sad Songs

Afrika Mamas – Iphupho

Alabama Deathwalk – Progressive Collapse

Alyssa Lynn – You Keep Me Wild

Alyssa Trahan – Push Play

Andrea Nixon – Diary Of A Housewife

Annemarie Picerno – Bonfire

Annemarie Picerno – Rain

Anton Glackin – Don’t Rock Where The Alligator Roll

Ashley Condon – Can You Hear Me

Becky Warren – War Surplus (Deluxe Edition)

Beltur – Finishing Line

Ben Klick – That’s Who I Wanna Be

Ben Klick – Middle Of Nowhere

Bill Carter – Bill Carter

Boubacar Traoré – Dounia Tabolo

Brandon Jenkins – Tail Lights In A Boomtown

Brea Lawrenson – Cry

Brea Lawrenson – Lynchburg

Brendan Monaghan – I Look To You

Brittany Brodie – I Do

Brother Roy – Last Man Standing

Bryce Hitchcock – In The Movies

Buck T. Edwards – Great American Novel

Caleb Caudle – Crushed Coins

Catarina – A Christmas Playlist

Catherine MacLellan – If It’s Alright With You (The Songs Of Gene MacLellan)

Celtic Woman – The Best Of Christmas

Celtic Woman – Homecoming (LIVE from Ireland)

Celtica Pipes Rock! – LIVE At Montelago

Charlotte Campbell – Endless Light

Chelsea Crites – Dear Santa

Chelsey June – Finding Me

Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing – Ship Of Strife

Chris Ising – The Burn Don’t Burn No More

Christina Taylor – That Girl

Christina Taylor – American Dreamin’

Craig Gerdes – Smokin, Drinkin & Gamblin

Craig White – Just The Two Of Us

Craig White – Pen Pal Lovers

Craig White – Winners-Losers

Dallas Moore – Mr. Honky Tonk

Damian Wyldes – My Religion Is Love

Danielle Marie – As Long As I’m Awake

David Lyon – The Hands That Learn To Give

Dean Owens – Southern Wind

Deanna Wheeler – I Can Lie

Deanna Wheeler – Never Be The Same

Donice Morace – Donice Morace

Dream Aria – On The Other Side

Dusty Rust – Stolen Horse

Elizabeth Erin Kemler – The Weight Of Mortal Skin

Elsa Vendella – M0re!

Elsa Vendella – Modern W!tch

Elsa Vendella – Robber

Eve Williams – My War, Your Peace

Faren Rachels – Faren Rachels

Gal Friday – Smoke And Mirrors

Giant Head Collective – Analog Man

Gila Monster – Up Go The Trolley Cars

Grace Maher – Craving Your Sin

Grace Maher – This Could Be Heaven

Hannah Read – Way Out I’ll Wander

Henderson & Hemmerling – At The End Of The Day (Remastered)

Henderson & Hemmerling – Easy Love (Remixed)

Honey County – Love Someone

Honey County – Los Angeles

J.D. Wilkes – Fire Dream

Jaaji – Nunaga

Jamie McLean Band – One And Only

Japhy’s Descent – Japhy’s Descent (7-inch Vinyl)

Jessie Chris – In It For You

John O’Connor – Rare Songs

Joseph Bridge – Marvin’s Sanitarium

Justine Blanchet – Young Love

Kamber Cain – Your Love Is Like A Sunday

Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy – A Pocket Of Wind Resistance

Keith & Co. – Mother Earth

Keith & Co. – My Best Friend

Keith & Co. – One Night Stand

Kerry Fearon – Luxury Liner

Larry Scroggs Band – Between The Lines

Liz Tina – Parasite

Lunasa – Cas

Marie/Lepanto – Tenkiller

Mary Sarah – Just Go With It

Mason Ashley – You Should Know

Moonlight Social – Bad Side

Morgan Ashley – Karma

Never Too Late – Life’s Story

Olaf Sickmann – Annie’s Waltz

Samantha LaPorta – Own The Night

Sara Spicer – New Girl

More TBA Soon!!

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