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What’s New In 2019 (Albums)

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What’s New In 2019 on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

Abbey Rowe – Abbey Rowe

Abdesselam Damoussi and Nour Eddine – Jedba (Spiritual Music From Morocco)

Abigail Lapell – Getaway

Adyn Townes – After The Fall

Ahmed Mukhtar – Visions Of Iraq

AKA Trio – Joy

Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves – Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves

Allt – Allt

An American Forrest – O Bronder, Donder Yonder

Andrew Adkins – Who I Am

Annie Oakley – Words We Mean

Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans

Balsam Range – Aeonic

Bangers and Mash – Whisper Valley and Other Stories

Beatrice Deer – My All To You

Becky Warren – Undesirable

Beki Hemingway – Whins And Weather

Belle Plaine – Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath

Ben Danaher – Still Feel Lucky

Ben Klick – Working On A Legacy

Ben Winship – Toolshed

Ben Winship – Acorns

Bill And The Belles – DreamSongs, Etc

Bill Green – Grace

Black Cat Biscuit – That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

Bob Sumner – Wasted Love Songs

Bobtown – Chasing The Sun

Boogie Beasts – Deep

Brad James Band – At Fellowship Hall

Brandon Bailey Johnson – It’s All Good

Brea Lawrenson – Demons

Brendan Monaghan – Unbroken

Bri Bagwell – In My Defense

Bryce A Dicus And The Mercenaries – Bryce A Dicus And The Mercenaries

Buffalo Blood – Buffalo Blood

Caleb Elliott – Forever To Fade

Candice Reyes Quintet – Your Way

Carlton Hesston – The Valley

Carolina Story – Lay Your Head Down

Carson McHone – Carousel

Carter Sampson – Lucky

Casey Daniels Band – Memories

Celtic Serenity – Life Songs

Celtic Serenity – Journey

Celtic Serenity – Reflections

Celtic Woman – Ancient Land

Chad Cooke Band – Risk It All

Charles Stacey – An Okie Songbook

Che Apalache – Rearrange My Heart

Chris Buck Band – All In

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers – The Choosing Road

Christina Martin – Wonderful Lie

Chuck Mead – Close To Home

Cigarettes After Sex – Cry

Clara Baker – Things To Burn

Cliff Westfall – Baby You Win

Clint Alphin – Straight To Marrow

Coast – 10

Coco O’Connor – This Ol’ War

Cordova – Stone To Throw

Corner House – Smart Folks

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton – Been On Your Side

Courtney Sherwood – When You Regret

Dale Ann Bradley – The Hard Way

Dallas Burrow – Southern Wind

Dalton Domino – Songs From The Exile

Dalton Gray & The Space Cowboys – Hangin’ The Moon

Dan Martin – Dan Martin

Dana Sipos – Trick Of The Light

Daniel Norgren – Wooh Dang

Danielle Johnson – Danielle Johnson

Danny Burns – North Country

Darin & Brooke Aldridge – Inner Journey

Darrell Goldman – Movin’ On

Darrin Morris Band – Country To The Bone

Darrin Morris Band – Preacher Man

David Latto – Show Me How To Feel

Dean Brody – Black Sheep

Deanna Wheeler – Deanna Wheeler

Del Barber – Easy Keeper

Desi and Cody – Yes, This Is Killing Us

Detonics – Raise Your Bet

Devil’s Dram – Love, Longing and Loss

Dhoad Gypsies Of Rajasthan – Times Of Maharajas

DIIV – Deceiver

Dillon Carmichael – Hell On An Angel

Donice Morace – Long Live The Cowboy

Dori Freeman – Every Single Star

Drake Hayes Band – Life

Drew Moreland – Drew Moreland

Eamon Friel – Atlantic Light

Elaina Kay – Issues

Elsa Vendella – Kär

Emily Davis and The Murder Police – Same Old World

EmiSunshine and The Rain – Family Wars

Erik Oftedahl – Places

Evangelo – Willow Tree

Evie Ladin Band – Caught On A Wire

Fara – Times From Times Fall

Felix Truvere – Learn To Be

Fools Like Me – The Charmer

Frank Newsome – Gone Away With A Friend

Ga Greine – A Celtic Web

Garrett Ford – Woke Up In Waco

Gatehouse – Heather Down The Moor

Gleewood – Necromancer’s Dream

Glenn & Ronan – Horizon

Grace Morrison – Reasons

Gypsyfire – Time’s Mandala (The Celtic Calendar Project)

Gypsyfire – Innocuus Sed Perterbands (Harmless Yet Alarming)

Gypsyfire – Irish Songbook

Hackensaw Boys – A Fireproof House Of Sunshine

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage – Awake

Hannah Scott – Pieces Of The Night

Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard – Sing Me Back Home (The DC Tapes, 1965-1969)

Heart Of The Dragon Ensemble – Chinese Love Songs

Heart Of The Dragon Ensemble – Chinese Festivals

Henna Roso – Feed The Hungry

High Desert Fusion – Fractal Dreams

Holly Tucker – You’re Gonna Know My Name

Humbird – Pharmakon

Idlewild – Interview Music

Ímar – Avalanche

In Deed – Everest

Isaac Jacob Band – Isaac Jacob Band

J.P. Harris – Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing

Jade Marie Patek – Fly Bird

Jamie Lin Wilson – Jumping Over Rocks

Jamie Warren – Make Me Believe

Jamie Warren – All Of The Above

Jason Eady – I Travel On

Jenni Dale Lord Band – Reboot

Jim and Lynna Woolsey – Long Ago

Joe Iadanza – Common Man

John O’Connor – We Ain’t Gonna Give It Back (Songs For The Labor Movement)

Jon Brooks – No One Travels Alone

Jon Hatchett Band – Mother Nature Wins Again

Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – Pickup Cowboy

Jordan Robert Kirk – Listening For The Sound

Jordie Lane – Glassellland

JR Herrera Band – The Next Big Show

Juanita Stein – Until The Lights Fade

Kai Danzberg – Not Only Sunshine

Kaitlyn Baker – Blackbird

Kalyn Fay – Good Company

Kamber Cain – Singin’ My Own Song

Karen Jonas – Lucky, Revisited

Karim Maurice, Will Galison & La Camerata – Odysseus Fantasy

Karine Polwart with Steven Polwart & Inge Thomson – Laws Of Motion

Kate Rusby – Philosophers, Poets & Kings

Ken Pomeroy – Hallways

Kevin Gordon – Tilt And Shine

Kristina Murray – Southern Ambrosia

Le Vent Du Nord – Territoires

Leftover Salmon – Something Higher

Li Xiangting & Cheng Yu – The Sound Of Silk (Chinese Strings)

Low Lily – 10,000 Days Like These

Mandolin Orange – Tides Of A Teardrop

Mandolin Orange – Sing And Play Traditionals

Maren Morris – GIRL

Martha Spencer – Martha Spencer

Mary Ann Kennedy – Glaschu (Home Town Love Song)

Mary Duff – Turn Back The Years

Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore – Working-Class Heroes

Megan Ashley – Megan Ashley

Megg Farrell – Megg Farrell & Friends

Melanie Brulee – Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind

Michaela Anne – Desert Dove

Michalis Terzis – Bouzouki (The Sound Of Greece)

Midland – Let It Roll

Minyeshu – Daa Dee

Miranda Lambert – Wildcard

Molly Sarle – Karaoke Angel

Mountain Vibes – Mountain Town

Musa Mboob & XamXam – The Gambia Sessions

Musique à Bouches – Jusqu’aux Oreilles

NewTown – Old World

Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters – All Damn Day

Nightflyer – Flight

Nobody’s Girl – Waterline

Olcay Bayir – Rüya (Dream For Anatolia)

Ongtupqa – Sacred Music Of The Hopi Tribe

Otava Yo – Do You Love

Paolo Russo – Imaginary Soundtrack

Paul Lagendyk – Blue Collared Cowboy

Paul Sachs – Full Detroit

Rachel Baiman – Thanksgiving

Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy – Sparks

Reatha Pitman – Road On Which We Travel

Red Velvet – Darkness And The Angels

Ric Robertson – The Fool, The Friend

RJ Chesney – Amateur Revolution

Rodopi Ensemble – Thraki (Thrace – The Paths Of Dionysus)

Roger! – Try

Roland White And Friends – A Tribute To The Kentucky Colonels

Rosier – Rosier

Ross Ingram – Last Night I Didn’t Dream At All

Safe As Houses – Lucky Lucky (Deluxe)

Sam Kruger – All Sick Again

Sam Morrow – Paid By The Mile

Sammy Horner – Worship Like A Celt ‘BREATHE’

Saoirse – Encore

Saor Patrol – Best Of Saor Patrol (The Clan’s Favourites)

Sarah Burton – Give Me What I Want

Scott Slay – The Rail

Screaming Orphans – Life In A Carnival

Season Ammons – Neon Side Of Town

Seth Lee Jones – Live At The Colony

Six Mile Grove – Million Birds

Skinner & T’witch – Everybody’s Grotty

Skipinnish – Steer By The Stars

Sofia Talvik – Big Sky Country

Sofia Talvik – When Winter Comes (A Christmas Album)

Sofia Talvik – Paws Of A Bear

Sophie Buskin – Sweet Creature

Steel Blossoms – Steel Blossoms

Stephanie Rose – Sprout

Stephanie Urbina Jones – The Spirit Of Christmas

Stephanie Urbina Jones – Tularosa

Sugar & Tiger – Hespérie

Sugaray Rayford – Somebody Save Me

Sumaia Jackson – Möbius Trip

Taylor Alexander – Good Old Fashioned Pain

Taylor Swift – Lover

The Armoires – Zibaldone

The Austins – Another Faded Glory / Heart On The Line

The Get Ahead – Deepest Light

The Hackles – A Dobritch Did As A Dobritch Should

The HawtThorns – Morning Sun

The Honey Dewdrops – Anyone Can See

The Jake Bartley Band – Brotherhood

The Jellyman’s Daughter – Dead Reckoning

The Levins – Caravan Of Dawn

The Lumineers – III

The Lusitania – The Lucy Was Here

The Princes Of Serendip – Yumpatiddly Bee (Silly Songs)

The Rails – Other People

The Rails – Cancel The Sun

The Resonant Rogues – Autumn Of The World

The Revelers – At The End Of The River

The Skylarks – On The Back Of The New

The Stereo Division – Signs

The Trials Of Cato – Hide And Hair

The Warm And Toasty Club – Colchester Memory Afternoons

Tommy Sands – Fair Play To You All

Tri Nguyen – The Art Of The Vietnamese Zither (Dan Tranh)

Trip Wire – Once & Always

Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger – Kanawha County Flatpicking

Van Morrison – The Prophet Speaks

Various Artists – 20 Best Of Brazilian Capoeira

Various Artists – A Woman’s World (Songs Of Resilience And Hope)

Various Artists – Best Of Welsh Choirs

Various Artists – Best Of Welsh Folk

Various Artists – Come See About Me (A Benefit For The IBMA Trust Fund)

Various Artists – Journey To Asia

Various Artists – Journey To The Middle East

Various Artists – Street Lights

Vitto Meirelles – Da Hora

Williamson Branch – Free

Wu Mengmeng – The Art Of The Chinese Guzheng

Yale Strom’s Broken Consort – Shimmering Lights

Zachary Lucky – Midwestern

More TBA Soon!!

(Including albums still un-aired in 2018)

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