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What’s New In 2019 (Singles)

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What’s New In 2019 on “From Texas And Beyond” with Lochlann Green

Annemarie Picerno – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Annemarie Picerno – Trouble (feat. Kenny Lee)

Annemarie Picerno – Discount Tobacco And Beer

Bailey James – Devil Won’t Take Me Down

Bailey James – I Won’t Be Silent

Beamer Wigley – Roller Coaster

Bernie Heaney – The Man From Galilee

Brea Lawrenson – Roulette

Brenda Dirk – Hell Ya

Brendan Kelly – Lonely Bones

Brendan Kelly – Song For A Winter Night

Brittany Brodie – See You Soon

Brittany Brodie – It’s Christmas

Brittany Brodie – Hope

Bryce Hitchcock – Through The Night

Bryce Hitchcock – Endless Dream

Bryce Hitchcock – Two

Carla Williams – Love To Gain

Celtica Pipes Rock! – The Little Piper Boy

Chad Cooke Band – Whatever It Takes

Charm Of Finches – The Bridge

Chloe Caroline – Old Souls

Christopher Dean – Beyond The River

Christopher Dean – The Blarney Pilgrim

Christopher Dean – The Gael (Remix)

Chuck Shaw – Burn That Oil (Radio Edit)

Chuck Shaw – Dirty Woman Creek

Cody Rhodes – She Wants Me To Stay (Stay Gone)

Cole Degges – Is It Just Me

Cooper Wade – High Time

Duck! – Euterpe

Eddie Carey – Jesus. Take The Wheel

Elsa Vendella – Heart Box

Elsa Vendella – OCD

Elsa Vendella – Space Girl

Emily Cole – Karma

Emily Cole – Dead Feelings

Garrett Ford – Woke Up In Waco

Garrett Ford – Repaint These Walls

Great Shapes – I-10

Holly Tucker – All About A Baby

Holly Tucker – The Finer Things

Holly Tucker – Country Music Won’t Let Me

Jake Bush – If These Walls Could Talk

Jamie Warren – What’s The Worst

Jayda – Boys Like You

Jayda – Young Elvis

Jenni Dale Lord – I Think He Still Loves Me

Jonathan Mark Hayden – She’s My Rolling Stone

Jordan Robert Kirk – Hi-Ho Rita

Justine Blanchet – Strong

Katie Palmer – Out Of Luck

Kensie Coppin – Break Up In A Bar

Liz Tina – Instant Gratification

Mackenzie Fox – There You Go

Melinda Adams – Muddy Waters

Melissa Brooke – Beast

Michelle Wright – Attitude Is Everything

Michelle Wright – Lovin’ This Day

Monty Dawson – When You Call

Moon Maan – All In This Together

Norm Brunet – Can’t Stop Thinking

Norm Brunet – She Makes It Hard To Walk Away

Norm Brunet – She Makes Me Look Good

Rachelle Rhienne – Contigo

Robert Ray – Run Away With You

Russell Boyd – Wash It All Away

SAMI – Brand New Strings

Season Ammons – Jim Beam & Nicotine (Radio Edit)

Season Ammons – Daddy Raised Hell

Shawn McCullough – Change

Simon Peters – Love Ain’t Love

Simon Peters – Missouri

Skinner & T’witch – The Wedding Song

Skinner & T’witch – Silent, The Night

Skinner & T’witch – Make You Feel My Love

Skinner & T’witch – The Bute Lullaby

Stephanie Rose – Luxury

Stephanie Urbina Jones – Merryiachi Christmas

The Gunboat Diplomats – A Shot Of Christmas Cheer

The Spur 327 Band – Beneath The Texas Sunset

Thomas Michael Riley – Feel Rich

Tianna Woods – Mistletoe Kisses

Tim Johnson – Beachbound

Tom Foster Morris – Comanche Moon

More TBA Soon!!

(Including singles still un-aired in 2018)

Lochlann Green
Lochlann Green Administrator

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